Angela Frances Wilson is an interdisciplinary artist, and composer working in Los Angeles. Her practice is built at the intersection of healing art, and experimental music. Using digital and analog mediums, she investigates modes of perception, and the impact of uncertain hybrid space. Ang's lowercase sound composition blurs the lines between ambient, noise, field recording, and New Age to explore liminal sonic space as an expansion of self and reality. Informed by a deep knowledge in music composition, mindfulness meditation, Usui Reiki, and storytelling, her work makes links between the known, the unknown, and the now.

Under her solo moniker Teasips, she is releasing and performing accessible music in the U.S., France, as well as Indonesia. Angela is also one-half of Electric Sound Bath; a sound healing project she started with Brian Griffith to improvise with electric and acoustic instrumentation in ways that form dense wombs of sound to envelop the listener. With monthly sound bath variations at the Silverlake JCC, and STRDSTSLN she aims to expose all willing beings to the ways sound, art, reiki, and meditation aid the human condition. 

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