Untitled w/ Terra Gatha

These works were written for the Terra Gatha Collective, based out of Southern California as an imprint of Earth Pitch.

You can find the rest of the art apart of these pieces, and more from the collective at TERRA GATHA

Untitled II

Deep mirror of my heart.

Gently you sing,
Awakened beating,
Karuna breathing.
I know that you are here,
And that makes me happy.

Untitled I

The final abyss.

Tongues moving slowly across the narcissus of this age,

Clutching rare emotions taking the shape of unthinkable dreams.

Outward facing palms viewing the coffins loaded with Earth,

Pursing light in the cemetery dusk.

Desire full of poison,

Lifting the receiver to torture the past.

A moving finale.

The descent to the illimitable shade void.